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I had a friend who owned a Wholesale Sunglass Company , One of the Largest at the Time in the Us . L.E.X Wholesale He sold Designer Inspired Eyewear As well many other wholesale items . He had been in the business at that time I'm speaking of (about) around 14 years ! He had mastered the wholesale market and at one time had the retail as well ! Before I knew him well he owned several mall kiosks nationwide . I learned more and more about the business and what he did how it worked ! I grew to Love Sunglasses ,Wearing them as well learning more about them and selling them ! I was selling Sunglasses at my job at the local bars , nite clubs , after bar parties out of the back seat of my 4 door pickup truck and off my tailgate !!!! NO LIE  My passion was strong and was making me money !$ I enjoyed talking to people meeting them etc sunglasses make connections !!!! Meeting pretty girls women !!!! YESSSSS I'm In ! Long story short i got hurt at my job and was out of work broke my back and was on workers comp pay etc ,, that wasn't gna cut it so i went my friend asked about taking my sunglasses sales from back seat my truck to something more something bigger ! So he says sure lets go do some fairs and festivals and ill do couple with you and you can do that for the fair season !!! He was excited had me excited mind u not suppose to work ...I'm in a full back brace with a broke back ......But wanted to work..make money so i could pay my bills survive plus keep my mind busy . So we do a few fairs i keep doin them and then i wanted do something other than the fairs and my buddy says u could go roadside ! I said roadside like the sno cone guy ...? He says YESSS I said ok lets do it he went showed me kinda how worked few hours a few days and I started roadside ! NO LICENSE,NO NOTHING JUST SELLING WITH A TENT, TABLE, BANNERS, SIGNS, MIRRORS AND ME ! I STARTED MAKING $$$$$$$$ !!!!! I was using his tables banners signs mirrors u name it he was even fronting me the sunglasses !!! Great Dude !!!!.....I went out bought all my own stuff ! Returned his and he says ....what your done .....I said no brother its just beginning I went out bought all my own stuff ! He didn't even believe me had go out my truck see for himself ! So i was Roadside getting kicked out of corners of parking lots ! Gas stations , Grocery stores , vet parking lots u name it ! Loading my truck every morning with tons of stuff out of my girlfriends garage every morning cause my truck was too tall for the garage ! So loading 150 dozen glasses every morning, tables tent banners roadside signs u name it chairs etc center blocks weigh dwn the tables the tent etc to no get blown away in the wind! With a broke back full brace on keep in mind .... driving to my location unloading it all setting it all up selling all day, packing back down at dark load back up into the truck and then drive back home to her house and unload all to do all over again in the morning ! But I did it day end day out ! and getting tired of getting kicked off lots and having move re set up ...hrs time ...mind u ! So then i Went and Talked to the Owner of Gas station At the very edge corner of a university SMSU now MSU I worked out a rent rate got permission so would not get ran off ! Set up still no License mind u ! Was busy as could be was everyday for 3 months and then the city showed up ! Was very nice Told me everything I needed and I went down the next day got all my licensing city state etc bonds u name it ! Bamm No longer cld i sell at the Campus Location I had to move to a Temporary vendor location they had so many around town but my location wasn't one . So i was on the search for a new location !!! Found one worked out rent etc started selling was very succesful and so i then ended out the season for my location ! I was in Missouri so i could not sell year round. The few winter months went by and when spring came I was ready to open again ! Open bigger stronger faster .....I built up over winter enough stuff inventory etc and opened a 2nd location ! I had my little brother working for me and i was running the other ! As well as my Girlfriend at the time worked helped market ...Held a sign roadside to flag in customers ...even in a bikini !!! She was a knock out , model, fitness model , a mma fighter , a personal trainer u name it ! So she helped pull em in ...the guys forsure ! For guys shades , Men's sports etc and I didn't do so bad my self with the women !  For women sports , women high fashion , Rhinestones etc . The sunglasses were selling .. I had one location at a thrift store (NEW IMAGE THRIFT M.C.B) parking lot on a busy street (kearney) in Springfield Mo. and at a grocery store (Smillies I.G.A ) parking lot on Glenstone and Bennett In Springfield as well ! Neither business still resides in those locations.... but the sunglasses still do !!!!! That's Enough Blogging about me and sunglasses , wholesale or retail for the day ! Enjoy my first blog post on my sunglasses story ! Thanks and to all a great day !
My Sunglasses Story ! Retail and Roadside and Wholesale !!!!! Colt C. Hignutt  A.K.A SHADEKING ......Ceo of  . Wholesale owner writing you his story for your entertainment as well as for some inspiration for your journey  and just some amazing shares from mine ! Look Forward to Writing this blog and Sharing all my sunglass life with you! Wholesale sunglasses blog , My Blog , Your Blog to read , Sunglasses , Retail Sunglasses , Wholesale Designer Inspired Sunglasses , Roadside sunglasses , Roadside Sunglass Trailers , Pioneer In the Industry , The Pioneer Of Roadside Sunglass Trailers !!!!! Blogs for days on Sunglasses ! Fashion , Fashion Sunglasses , Fashion Wholesale Sunglasses !