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OUR MISSION STATEMENT. has a combined 30 years of experience in the Sunglass Wholesale industry!

Our web platform is available to you as a easy and conveniant way to browse and compare products.We have Hundreds of styles available with new shipments arriving weekly! Our entire collection is carefully chosen based on market research and customer feedback.Styles are always market tested in order to ensure our customers are always buying the best! styles move fast off your shelves
putting money in your pocket Faster! Unlike other companies that like to dump off old stock or slow sellers, we only offer quality hot sellers! Any style moving too slow is immediately removed from our inventory and are sold to a re-wholesaler. We know what sells and want to extend that knowledge to you! Our goal is to provide you with top of the line designer inspired wholesale sunglasses and great customer service ! We welcome you to the Leading sunglass supplier in the world!

Our customers generally profit
700% - 1100%